There is rarely success without a plan. Fuse offers comprehensive consulting services that dive deep into your particular business goals & requirements, and architect bespoke solutions for you.

We bring our agile approach and years of custom application development experience to the planning phase. No matter where you are in your development cycle, Fuse can jump in.


Our discovery process is designed to prepare us well for Design & Development.  The focus is on gathering all the pieces of the puzzle.  We collect and analyze your brand assets, existing analytics & technical/functional requirements of the project and come away with the foundations required to begin our prototyping, design & development planning.

    Digital Strategy

    You know your customers and service or product. We help with the vision to communicate what you do, engage your audience and create lasting positive relationships. We combine our research of your brand and audience with our years of expertise & knowing what works to craft a bespoke Digital Strategy for your business.

    Production Planning

    Before we can dive into building your site, we need to establish what it's going to do and how it's going to do it. When we're planning for the build we flesh out your requirements in detail and create user stories for each type of visitor to your site. We determine risks, roadblocks and our general approach to the build including CMS selection, configuration planning, integrations and hosting.


    Our designs work hard. Our process is guided by thorough discovery, planning and information architecture. Our team has designed user experiences for hundreds of websites, intranets and applications all with a focus on meeting specific business objectives.

    Our team know the ins and outs of designing for Content Management Systems and eCommerce systems like Drupal, Wordpress & Shopify. Our designers work side by side with our development team to ensure design can be executed no matter what platform we build your site on.


    Responsive Web Design

    One website designed with everyone in mind. With mobile traffic now eclipsing desktop traffic, mobile users can not be an afterthought. With our mobile first approach to design, we ensure the fastest growing user base is served an experience that satisfies your business objectives without compromise.

    Information Architecture

    The art and science of organizing web content. Information Architecture serves as the foundation of a website or application. We apply best practices and existing analytics data to our process of auditing, sorting, prioritizing and presenting content.


    You wouldn't start building a house without a blueprint. The same holds true for websites and applications. After we establish the information architecture we create visual representations of data and components that make up the web pages and interface. Being low fidelity sketches, wireframes allow us to quickly iterate and produce a functional blueprint for the website.


    When wireframes and mockups aren't enough to test a user's flow through your site we create prototypes. Leveraging best of breed prototyping tools, we test the intent and success of our designs and user interactions.


    We build with best of breed Open Source & proprietary platforms. We know Drupal inside and out (and love it for many of our projects), but know it isn’t always the perfect fit.  We choose the right platform for the job. Wordpress, Shopify, & fully Custom solutions are all in our arsenal.

    Because no two projects are the same, every site or application is custom configured and built based on the functional requirements of your project. We focus on making the management of your content as easy as possible.

    Drupal CMS Development

    Every member of our development team has at least 3 years of experience working with Drupal. Our developers are either focused on Drupal configuration (back-end) or theming (front-end).

    As no two sites are the same, every site is custom configured and designed based on the functional and administrator requirements of your project. We focus on making the management of your content as easy as possible. We know the Drupal stack inside out and have deployed complex and highly customized websites and applications.

    Our team is active in the Drupal community participating in Drupal events and contributing several modules to the community.

    Drupal Custom module development

    If it doesn’t exist, we can build it. While there are thousands of Drupal modules contributed by the community, sometimes there isn’t an available module that fits your particular use case. We have built many custom Drupal modules over the years. Our team uses Drupal best practices when developing custom modules.

    3rd Party Integrations

    You name it, we can most likely work with it. With nearly every one of our projects requiring integration of third party applications or Data we have amassed substantial experience working with 3rd party api’s. Drupal is an excellent platform for exposing, consuming and repurposing 3rd party data.

    Front-end Development

    As nimble and dapper as a jackrabbit in a top-hat, our sites can go anywhere and look great while doing it! Designed and built with the responsive web in mind, your site will look and work great on devices of all shapes and sizes. From desktops to tablets, mobile phones, laptops, and everything in between, our front-end team ensures a slick browsing experience for all of your visitors.

    Drupal Commerce Development

    Drupal Commerce allows us to build highly customized, complex eCommerce sites. At it’s core, Commerce offers merchants a comprehensive foundation for managing an online storefront, taking payment and fulfilling orders, but it’s flexibility allows us to do satisfy unique functional requirements that systems like Shopify or Magento can’t.

    Drupal Commerce is also fantastic because it is fully integrated with your Drupal based website, giving you a great eCommerce platform and Content Management system in one.

    Wordpress Development

    Drupal is our first love, but know that Wordpress has it’s place. For brochure style or editorial content focused websites Wordpress does a great job. With thousands of low cost themes and plugins,

    Static Websites

    Lean & quick to build, static websites are a good choice for sites that require rich user experiences without complex Content Management requirements. This is a great way to keep costs down and focus on the user experience without the overhead of back-end configuration and programming.

    Shopify Development

    We love shopify for eCommerce sites with fairly standard requirements. From assistance setting up and customizing your Shopify site, to designing & building custom themes for your storefront we’ve got you covered. This is by far the quickest platform to get you up, running & selling quickly.

    Custom Application Development

    While we focus primarily on Drupal, we know that sometimes only custom software will do the trick. Bringing an agile approach and years of custom application development to the table, Fuse is ideally positioned to create and launch your custom software requirements.

    We have helped businesses plan and implement custom eCommerce applications, Content Management Systems and tools, Portal/Intranet applications, registration systems, customer feedback systems and some very unique customized applications. We can help you understand the potential for streamlining business processes through web technologies, and further tailor a completely custom solution for any challenge you may be facing.

    Migrations / Upgrades

    Whether it's a Drupal major version upgrade or a migration of content from one platform to another, we've got you covered. 


    We’re not into casual dating. We build lasting relationships with our clients. A brand new website is exciting, but the grand unveiling isn’t the end of the road. We need to put that website somewhere, make sure your data stays secure & show you how to ‘drive’. ​​​​​

    We also know your website needs to evolve with your brand. We’re here to help facilitate change when you need it.

    Drupal Training

    The beauty of a well built Drupal based CMS is the control your team has over your website, portal or intranet. We train teams how to harness the power of their CMS.  We often get requests for training for website administrators & marketers. We offer training solutions for Drupal that range from custom user manuals to web-based and onsite training for groups or individuals.

    Performance Tuning

    We make Drupal sites run faster.

    With years of experience of working on Drupal sites on myriad hosting platforms, we have assembled a great set of best practices for making Drupal perform like a champ. Whether you are on a shared host, VPS or dedicated multi-server scenarios we know where to find the bottlenecks and eliminate them.

    Drupal Site Audits

    Concerned about the quality of your website? Want to make sure your site is built with best practices? Not sure if your website is secure? Frustrated with something that just isn’t working? Fuse can help. We have developed a system for evaluating your site with a series of automated tests and qualitative analysis.

    We examine how your site was configured, the integrity of your codebase and identify security concerns and

    Drupal Hosting & Maintenance

    So you've got a fancy new Drupal site (hopefully built by Us) and now you need to put it somewhere and make sure it stays nice and secure. We can help.

    After years of testing out various hosting platforms and providers we've got great solutions for virtually every shape and size of site. Our hosting & maintenance package will help you sleep at night knowing your site is up, secure and backed-up. Our servers are tuned specifically to host Drupal sites and we're instantly alerted when your site requires security updates.

    Security Monitoring & Updates

    We worry so you don’t have to. Whether we host your site or not, we set all our clients up with automated security monitoring. We are notified as soon as critical core and contributed module updates are available for your Drupal website and get our team on it.

    Drupal Consulting

    Not all solutions are created equal. There are many ways to architect, build, deploy & host Drupal projects. With hundreds of Drupal projects under our belts, we have established a set of best practices that we know work. We leverage our years of experience to provide comprehensive Drupal consulting services.

    Maybe you need a completely custom module built. Maybe your in-house team just needs a helpful push in the right direction. No matter where you are in your development cycle, Fuse can help.

    Drupal Custom module development

    If it doesn’t exist, we can build it. While there are thousands of Drupal modules contributed by the community, sometimes there isn’t an available module that fits your particular use case. We have built many custom Drupal modules over the years. Our team uses Drupal best practices when developing custom modules.