August 23, 2011

Summer 2011 Project Roundup's been a while since I blogged about the projects we've been working on. It's been a busy spring and summer and we've been working on some exciting stuff. There is much fodder for new Drupal related blog posts here as we've learned a lot over the last few months. More posts from our talented developers to come!

Here's a quick rundown of some of the more substantial projects we've been working on over the last few months:

Museum of Vancouver

We've had two significant projects on the go with the MOV.

1. OpenMOV - Collections management system

The MOV had a mandate to bring their collections online and to develop a system for the day to day management of their collection data. Fuse was charged with architecting a new Drupal based system that would serve as both an internal tool for collections staff as well as a tool for the public to easily search through the MOV's collections database. The new system is entirely web-based and allows for easy remote management of both the internal and publicly exposed collections data.

2. MOV public website rebuild - The MOV was happy with it's recent rebrand and the look and feel of the accompanying website, but they were handcuffed with a custom CMS system that simply wasn't working for them. They quickly realized that day to day management of their website was getting away from them and asked Fuse to rebuild the site. We re-architected and redesigned parts of the site and completely rebuilt the site with Drupal 7. We replaced the various Flash elements on the site with javascript driven effects and transitions to allow for better display on apple iOS devices. The result is site that is much easier (and fun) to manage by non-technical staff, quicker to load and mobile friendly.

Visit the MOV


Taymor Industries Ltd. has been manufacturing products ranging from bathroom fixtures and residential hardware and security, to commercial locks and safety devices for over 50 years.

As part of a recent re-branding initiative, Taymor Industries Ltd. brought Fuse on to design and develop their new website. The mandate was to bring their website up to date with their new branding as well as create a unique search & filter tool to enable a quick and intuitive means of finding items in Taymor's catalogue of thousands of products.

We built the site on the Drupal 6 platform and provisioned advanced faceted search with the help of Apache Solr. Additionally, we implemented a unique system to sort and visually scan products using a Modern to Traditional product continuum. The result is a site that allows customers to find products quickly while remaining true to their brand facelift.A fun and challenging project that allowed us to get into some advanced Solr configuration.

Visit Taymor

OpenRoad Auto Group

OpenRoad Auto Group is one of the fastest growing auto dealer groups in North America. They came to Fuse for a redesign and a way to manage all their web properties from a central CMS. Naturally we called on Drupal to save the day. Some of the project/feature highlights include:

  • Chrome real-time vehicle data integration
  • Multilingual
  • Advanced ajax vehicle filtering
  • Management of 10 dealership sites through one Drupal 7 install using Domain Access
  • Integration of multiple 3rd party data sources
  • Vehicle review system
  • Vehicle service status checker

The results: Top notch design, better structure, easier to manage, better SEO and a system that will allow for quick deployment of new dealer sites for this fast growing company.

Visit OpenRoad Auto Group

In addition to the projects above we've been working on projects for the likes of UBC Press, BC Cancer Foundation & Burnkit. Stay tuned for our Fall project roundup!