October 3, 2008

Out the door & into the hopper

Here are a few projects that have recently left our helping hands for greener pastures on the world wide interweb, followed by some new and exciting projects in the works:

  • Not Just Pretty

    Not Just Pretty is a Modern Organic Clothing store based in Victoria BC. Carrying many local and far-off eco brands, Not Just Pretty made the jump to the web a few months ago. While already realizing strong online sales volume, NJP has also reported an increase in store visits due to the presence of their catalogue online. Not Just Pretty was designed by Fuse and built on the Zen Cart framework which kept costs down while providing all the desired functionality. Check them out here.
  • My Kids Support

    A startup that is aiming to be the de-facto resource for tutors seeking clients and parents seeking tutors in the Boston area. My Kids Support was designed by Fuse and build on the Drupal framework. Check them out here.
  • Providence Health Care - Hand Hygiene module (link coming soon)

    This project cemented the fact that cleanliness is indeed next to godliness. A fun e-learning project that pushed our Flash and Action Script skills, the module will be certifying Doctors in proper hand hygiene accross several different agencies.

Now..into the hopper goes:

  • Future Shop Gadget/Widget Project

    This is a fun project. Lots of Javascript! We should be rolling out a revised version of Future Shop'€™s existing Vista Gadget and a brand spankin'€™ new Mac Widget by Christmas. Can'€™t spill to many details at this point, but we'€™ll keep you posted.
  • Ricky'€™s Restaurants Franchise Portal

    This will be one of the key marketing tool for selling Ricky'€™s Franchises. We'€™re excited, because Ricky'€™s is really excited. We'€™re looking forward to getting into this Drupal based project. This one should be launching before the new year.
  • Mailout Interactive web revamp

    Four product sites/URL’s all managed by one Drupal instance and all this on a Windows server. A challenge, but we're really stoked at how this project is coming along. We'€™ve partnered with Mailout Interactive for the last couple of years to provide newsletter marketing software services to our clients. The new site will feature user forums, comprehensive FAQ'€™s and will serve to shore up all the brands under the Mailout Interactive Banner.

There are several other projects in the hopper, but I'll save those for another post.