May 27, 2010

New Drupal site for ActiveState

Fuse was recently called upon to provide Drupal consulting, configuration and theming by ActiveState, one of Vancouver's top software companies. If you know Python & Perl, then you know ActiveState. ActiveState knew the power of Drupal, having used Drupal 5.x for their community forums and shopping cart, but hadn't been using Drupal for their main corporate site and knew there had to be a better way. AS wanted to go Drupal and we wanted to help, so it was off the the races. Fuse was brought in to bring life to their website through a comprehensive configuration and theming contract.

Some of the highlights of this project included:

  • interfacing with several third party applications
  • migration of several hundred blog posts from WordPress to Drupal
  • working with the Pressflow Drupal distribution for enhanced performance (man this site is fast!)
  • Implementing a single sign-on system

ActiveState is excited with the results. They are much better equipped with a platform that gives marketing staff the ability to manage content much more effectively and efficiently. Cool. Visit the new site

ActiveState offers end-to-end management and distribution solutions for Perl, Python and Tcl to help businesses reduce downtime, eliminate complexity, ensure compliance and reduce legal risk. Companies like Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard, Credit Suisse, First Boston and Siemens, along with over 97% of Fortune 1000 corporations, plus many small and medium-size businesses and government organizations, rely on ActiveState's technology for their critical systems.