April 28, 2010

New domain, branding and website for Fuse

Changes are in the wings here at Fuse. This was a long time coming but we've finally moved our primary domain to fuseinteractive.ca from fusetech.ca. Why the move? We've been using fusetech.ca since our inception in 2004. We liked the short snappy domain but people were starting to call us Fuse Tech instead of Fuse Interactive and that frankly just bugs. We're also not just a 'tech' company. We want to be known for our killer design just as much as our Drupal chops. So fuseinteractive.ca it is.

New Branding

We've been struggling with our logo for some time now. We liked the Fuse text treatment and even hand cut a Fuse sign out of stainless steel just to see if we could, but we were finding it really hard to work with. The vote was to work our stylized 'f' into a new brand keeping things simple and usable for web and print. i think we accomplished this. Kudos to Adnan our resident Interactive Designer for pulling this off in short order.

New Website

We really like the way the new site has come together. Our own site has always taken a back seat to paying clients so we decided to bill ourselves for the work. This got things done in a real hurry.

The primary mandate for the new site was to better inform potential customers and peers of what we do and what we want to do more of. We also wanted to become a better resource for the Drupal community and renewed our committment to blogging. Finally, we wanted something that made people say things like:

"Gosh, these guys obviously know how to design websites"

"Oh. So Fuse designs websites and builds them with Drupal. Cool. we need some of that"

"it's nice to see some humour from a web development company. i'd like to work with these guys"

"Wow. their blog section is really pretty. informative too!"

"I gotta get me some of that killer drupal stuff!"

"I thought all Drupal sites looked the same. Guess I was wrong"

"Those bios are funny"

"Sweet use of fonts. How did they do that?"

Website Phase 2

We've got some other things up our sleeves. Fuse Labs (working title) will house a Drupal Features server as well as all our Drupal related contributions. We're really excited about this. Stay tuned.