May 21, 2009

Aritzia goes Drupal

Fuse recently launched a new site for Aritzia on the mighty Drupal platform. Drupal sites are boring you say? they all look the same? We think not. is a perfect example of how good theming and interesting design can give a Drupal based site a fresh and engaging look while meeting all the requirements for dynamic and well indexed content.

Fuse was brought in the concepting phase for this project and charged with finding the right CMS for the job. We quickly determined that the business goals could be met elegantly with the Drupal platform.

Having come from a Flash based site, Aritzia is thrilled with the fact that they no longer have to put in a call to their developer for simple changes. Aritzia can manage all the frequently updated sections of their site including their seasonal lookbooks, blogs, locations, promos, etc.

The new site was designed and built within 5 weeks which was no small feat. We loved the process and working in the tightest of timelines to get this out the door in time for spring. Check it out.

Fuse is currently working on Aritzia's TNA which should be out the door late in May, 2009.